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Road Trip Activities That Focus on Mother Nature

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A lot of planning goes into a getaway, and if you want everyone to arrive at your destination with smiles on your faces, plan some activities to keep your young passengers entertained on the journey. With the following eco-friendly activities from EcoParent writer Melanie Madore, you’ll help keep everyone focused and engaged while celebrating the world around you.

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Plan pit stops at rest areas lush with natural beauty or adjacent to a park so your kids can enjoy some outdoor play time.

“All you need to do is accompany your children for a walk and let them do their thing! They can let out some energy, absorb fresh air and sun, and be in better spirits for the rest of the journey,” Madore writes.

Encourage your child to be creative with an animal-focused crafting project.

“You’ll need a cookie baking pan, pipe cleaners, photos of animals, buttons and anything else you’d like to bring along. Show your child an animal picture and ask them to recreate the image with the pipe cleaners and supplies they have. They will use the baking pan to make the animals and hold the supplies,” Madore explains.

Encourage your child to focus on nature with a game of “bingo” that focuses on the wondrous world around them. Grab pictures of flowers, animals, and plants you expect to see while traveling and assemble them into a one-of-kind list or “bingo” card. When your child recognizes one of the photos in the wild, she should mark it off on her card.

“You can even get a little creative and laminate the cards so you can reuse them. By laminating them, you can use dry erase markers for the X’s,” Madore suggests.

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News Source: EcoParent