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Road Trip Pit Stops: 4 Unique Hotels in Louisiana

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Degas House Louisiana
Degas House
Photo: Millicenthand

Whether you want to go to Louisiana for the history, Mardi Gras parties, or the great food, your fun shouldn’t stop when you reach your hotel. Book one of the following unique hotels for your next road trip and get the full Louisiana experience.

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Hotel Monteleone, New Orleans

One of the must-see locations in New Orleans is the French Quarter, and no hotel puts you in the heart of the French Quarter like the Hotel Monteleone. Not only are you in walking distance from major attractions in The Big Easy, but you are also in a Literary Landmark with rooms dedicated to the likes of William Faulkner and Richard Ford.

Twelve Oaks Plantation, Houma

Built on the grounds of the Mandalay Plantation, the Twelve Oaks Plantation was constructed in 1950 and is now a bed and breakfast. The property is still a working 750-acre sugar cane plantation and offers you a unique experience of southern charm.

Degas House, New Orleans

The Degas House was originally the home of Edgar Degas, a French Impressionist artist. Now, this bed and breakfast gives you the chance to live a Creole lifestyle in its beautiful rooms. While you’re here, you can also take a tour of the Historical House Museum and learn more about Degas.

Michabelle Inn, Hammond

Recognized on the National Registry of Historic Places, the Michabelle Inn is a Colonial Revival style home that was built in 1907. Each room is reminiscent of the past with themes, such as Marie Antoinette and Venetian, which transport you to another time.

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We hope your next road trip through Louisiana takes you to one of these unique hotels, where your lodging can further enhance your amazing experiences.

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