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Road Trip Prep for Traveling with Dogs

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dog in car pet safety
Photo: Pixabay

Your furry family member or members need special equipment and attention when traveling in a car. Even if your pup is an eager travel companion and likes riding in a car, there are steps you need to take before you and your dog embark on a road trip. By doing a little road trip prep, you and your dog will have a more successful journey.

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Safety harness, crate or equipment

happy dogs in car
Photo: Tracie Hall via CC

Although you may be tempted to keep your pup within arm’s reach or give him his freedom inside the cabin, it’s just not safe for you or your dog. Readers Digest editors suggest using a safety harness or pet carrier designed for your dog. If your dog takes his seat at the back of your SUV, they recommend both a harness and a pet divider.

Proper identification

My dogs don’t always wear their collars. They have them with tags, but it’s only when we’re going for a walk that they sport the red and blue accessories. Not only is it important for your traveling dog to have his tags, but it is also essential that the tag has the correct contact information. (I hate to admit it, but my older dog’s tag has an outdated address on it).

dog in car
Photo: autovac via CC

“Since you’ll be away from home, double-check your pet’s ID tags to make sure they include your cell phone number. When you arrive at your destination, type up a temporary tag listing the address of your hotel, campsite, or vacation rental,” advise the RD editors.

Do a test run

Even if your dog is a good passenger, there’s no harm in doing a test run, especially if you’ll be using new or different safety equipment. Your dog won’t know that it’s a fake road trip, he’ll be so excited about going with you. If he’s a reluctant traveler, the practice may help him overcome his fear, making your real road a more pleasant journey for the both of you.

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These road trip prep suggestions will help keep you and your dog on track for your next adventure on the road.