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Road Trip Tips for Retirees

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Retirement definitely has its perks, especially when it comes to road trips. With no work constraints, retirees can hit the open road at any time. If you’re a retiree ready to embark on an on-the-road adventure, consider the following tips to improve your journey.

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Planning ahead for attractions and lodging will help road-trippers save money, but don’t refuse to change your plans if something better (or cheaper) comes up, advises MoneyWise writer Josh Wilson.

Another way to save money is to steer away from popular destinations.

“Cities that are a little off the beaten path can be much more affordable than major urban centers like New York or Los Angeles, where prices far exceed the national average. And you’ll probably have no trouble finding things to do,” Wilson writes.

As a retiree, you get to celebrate your station in life with discounts. Take advantage of any and every discount you can.

“Groups such as AARP and coupon sites including RetailMeNot are great online resources for finding discounts available to older Americans. Discounts of 10 percent or 15 percent might not seem like much, but the savings can quickly add up,” according to Wilson.

Credit cards that boast fuel rewards can be a road-tripping retiree’s best travel companion, adds Wilson; make sure the card you choose is without an annual fee.

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Because retirees’ schedules are open means travel doesn’t have to revolve around peak travel seasons.

“Getting to where you want to go should not be the worst part about vacationing. So don’t venture out when everybody else is traveling, but take your trips during the off-seasons — like winter and early fall,” advises Wilson.

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