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Rocket Bunny Body Kit Turns Your S14 into a Plymouth ‘Cuda

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The Nissan 240SX is a popular drift car and seemingly willing recipient of American car parts that mainly include General Motors V8 engines. A Japanese company called Rocket Bunny is blurring the cultural line even more thanks to this Plymouth Barracuda-influenced body kit for the S14.

Plymouth left the automotive world in 2001, but during the huge muscle car arms race that occurred during the late 60s and early 70s, the E-Body Barracuda became the iconic Plymouth muscle car. This kit gets its inspiration from the face of the 1970s ‘Cuda.

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1972 Plymouth 'Cuda 440

1972 Plymouth ‘Cuda 440
Photo: Jeremyg3030 via Flickr

The kit is designed to fit a 240SX that’s been modified to widen the track of the suspension, which vastly improves handling and is thus a popular modification for track and drift cars.

From the looks of these renderings posted on Facebook, the 240SX wears the ‘Cuda face quite well. We propose dropping in a Hellcat HEMI engine to complete the Mopar theme.

What do you think of this creative face-swap?

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