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Romance IS Alive! Girl Takes Cab from Arkansas to Florida to See Boy

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Girl Takes Cab from Arkansas to Florida to See Boy

Girl Takes Cab from Arkansas to Florida to See Boy

Today’s news is full of awful stories about shootings, terrorism, and people generally being turd buckets, so it’s heartwarming to discover a news story that demonstrates that humanity is still more than capable of love. Unfortunately, this is not that story. Sure, it features some love, but also a ballsy 11-year-old who makes us fear for what our children could grow up to be.

Okay, so maybe it’s not that bad. The story in question concerns a preteen girl who decided she wanted to travel from her home in Arkansas to meet a 16-year-old boy she liked in Florida. The Associated Press reports that the girl had met the boy some two years previously, and that they had been talking. Since the girl was only 11, she didn’t have any cash on hand or a license (or a car, for that matter), so she stole $1,300 from her grandmother, hitched a ride from her home in Bryant to a doughnut shop in west Little Rock, and called a cab. She then paid the cabbie the $1,300 to take her to Florida, and the boy of her dreams.

Girl Takes Cab from Arkansas to Florida to See Boy

Once the girl’s parents realized she was missing, they called the police, who were able to use her cell phone records to track calls to both the Florida boy and the Arkansas cab company. They contacted the cab company and were able to catch up to the girl just west of Atlanta.

No one will face any charges in this case. The girl’s grandmother isn’t pressing charges for the stolen money, and it was determined that the driver was under the impression that the girl was much older than 11. Ellis Houston with Greater Little Rock Transportation Services commented, “According to the information that I have, she was in a sweatsuit with a lot of makeup on and she looked like she was 17 or 18 years old,” adding, “maybe [the driver] lacked a little bit of judgement [sic].”

But no charges doesn’t mean that the girl is getting off scot-free. To the contrary; her father has already confiscated both her cellphone and makeup.

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That’ll learn her.

News Source: Associated Press