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Rookie RV Mistakes to Avoid

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Camper Van on Autumn Road
Photo: Tim Gouw | Pexels

Are you buying or renting a recreational vehicle for the summer? You’re not alone. Millions of millennials and Gen Zers are expected to go camping in an RV this summer, and it will be the first RV experience for many of them. If that’s you, make sure to avoid the following rookie mistakes.

Bolting furniture

Some people bolt furniture to the floor in an effort to prevent it from sliding when the RV is on the move, but this risks damaging the floor of the coach. You might also push a screw into critical underlying parts, such as a tank, and cause even more damage. If you’re adamant about bolting something to the floor, hire a professional to do it.

Going too fast

RVs do a lot of things well, but going fast is not one of them. While at the wheel of an RV, you’re meant to be enjoying the road trip experience, not flying down the highway. Slow down, stay aware of your surroundings, and enjoy your vacation. Your passengers and fellow road users will thank you.

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Not removing the microwave turntable

It can be easy to forget removing the microwave turntable after a stop, but it’s critical that you remember to do it. Even though it’s made of heavy glass, the turntable can still break while you drive the RV and cause damage to the interior. We recommend securing it on a non-slip place mat.

Improperly packing the fridge

In a similar vein as #3, you should always ensure your refrigerator is properly packed. Use plastic instead of glass whenever possible, pack the food tightly, use fridge bars, and lock the doors completely. You don’t want items to fly around in your fridge, or worse, to fly out of your fridge and damage or permanently stain the upholstery.

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