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RTA Reveals Vehicle Inspection Robots at Gitex Technology Week

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Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) will soon be using Smart Inspection Robots to enhance its vehicle inspection processes. The organization revealed the robot at the 38th Gitex Technology Week, this past weekend.

The RTA will use the robots to verify vehicle registration and send this data back to the RTA. However, the robots will also be equipped to detect vehicle problems. This will help simplify vehicle maintenance for Dubai car owners while increasing roadside safety.

How the robot’s diagnostics work

To activate the robot’s diagnostic capacity, an individual selects the option from a screen on the robot and inserts a debit or credit card to pay for the service. Once the robot processes the payment, a slot will open to reveal an adapter. The individual can then insert the adapter into the vehicle’s OBD port. After a few minutes, the robot will direct the user to place the adapter back in the robot’s slot so it can analyze the information. The individual then enters an email address where the robot will send the diagnostic report to once it’s finished.

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More high-tech additions

The robots aren’t the only focus of Dubai’s RTA, however. The entity is also developing Smart Vehicle Inspection Glasses that human inspectors can wear as they diagnose vehicle problems. Purportedly, the gadget will eliminate the need to consult the owner’s manual when pinpointing a mechanical issue. The RTA is also unrolling a virtual assistant dubbed Mehboob, which uses artificial intelligence to field questions consumers have about the RTA’s policies.

We look forward to more news in the days ahead as Dubai implements these high-tech robots and supplementary services, to keep auto owners and passengers a bit safer.

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