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Safety, Convenience, and Infotainment Tech Necessary in Your Next Vehicle

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Vehicles have come a long way. Innovative technology, safety features, and convenient amenities abound in new models, and after seeing what is possible, it’s easy to fall into the trap of needing/wanting it all. And although in a perfect world your next ride would be outfitted with the latest tech, right now you have to deal with the imperfect world you live in, which means you can’t have it all. So, if you can’t have it all, what should you make sure you get, tech-wise, in your next ride?

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The experts at have compiled a list of 10 essential features:


Blind-spot monitor is a safety tech worth getting, according to the experts: “Those small little lights in the side-view mirror act like an extra pair of eyes to warn the driver that there is a car in a blind spot. While not a substitute for you properly using your mirrors and looking through the windows, these electronic monitors can be a welcomed safety aid.”

Don’t miss out on automatic headlights and a backup camera, either, advise the experts.


Staying connected on the road is a must-have for modern drivers, which is why recommends getting a vehicle that has Bluetooth connectivity. According to the experts, a trip computer with fuel mileage and range will help you gauge your time between stops at the pump, while “real knobs and buttons” and steering wheel controls are easy to manipulate and helps keep your focus on the road.

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Long commutes will do a number on your back, so the experts suggest getting a vehicle that offers adjustable front seats/lumbar support and the option to have seats equipped with a heating element will make even the longest drive super comfortable. Workbag, groceries, umbrella, packages—you’re usually juggling a lot on your way to your car so the experts really value auto door/unlock and auto trunk release.

News Source: Consumer Reports