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Safety Features We Give Thanks For

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Thanksgiving is a time for gathering with friends and family to enjoy community and express gratitude.  Here at The News Wheel, we would be remiss if we didn’t contribute our share of thanks this season. Here are the top five safety features that we appreciate on contemporary vehicles.

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buick adaptive cruise control

Buick is just one of the many brands offering the convenience of adaptive cruise control
Photo: GamblinMotors

Adaptive Cruise Control

Maintaining a safe distance from vehicles up ahead might be easy on short drives, but more taxing on long drives. Adaptive cruise control simplifies the driver’s role by using high-tech laser or radar signals to detect the car in front of you; if that car slows down, the technology will automatically slow down your vehicle.


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chevrolet equinox snow

The Chevrolet Equinox comes with available all-wheel drive 
Photo: KelleyChevroletFW

All-Wheel Drive

What driver doesn’t appreciate the extra grip that an all-wheel-drive function provides? Valued especially by drivers who live in climates with wet, snowy, and/or icy conditions, this perk uses a front, rear, and center differential to distribute power to all four wheels. No wonder it’s such a popular choice for add-on features when consumers are purchasing a new ride.


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forward collision chevy

Chevrolet’s forward collision technology is available on many of its models, to make safe driving a cinch. 
Photo: Chevrolet

Forward Collision Warning System

This amenity monitors your vehicle’s speed as well as the car in front of you, then automatically warns you when you’re getting dangerously close. Some forward collision warning (FCW) systems also come paired with an automatic braking feature, which triggers if the technology detects that the driver isn’t stepping on the brakes fast enough to avoid a collision.


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2017 Chevy Silverado back up camera

The 2017 Chevy Silverado back up camera
Photo: Bachman Chevrolet

Rearview Camera

Backing up your vehicle is not just challenging but dangerous. The NHTSA cites that 210 deaths and 15,000 injuries occur each year; most of these incidents involve children. A rearview camera gives you a clear view of the objects or people are behind your car, which greatly helps in reducing the likelihood of an impact when you’re maneuvering out of your garage or a parking space.


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Blind Spot Warning

No matter how bulky or petite your vehicle is, it has a blind spot that impedes both your and other drivers’ safety on the road. Limited vision isn’t a problem, however, with a handy new feature known as a blind spot warning system. Visual and audio signals alert you anytime you have a car in your vehicle’s blind spot, to help prevent a collision.


Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at The News Wheel!



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