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SAIC-GM Outlines Connectivity Strategy 2025: V2X, Super Cruise, and Autonomous Vehicles

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Connectivity Strategy 2025

SAIC-General Motors has announced its Connectivity Strategy 2025, which lays out a timeline for its development and utilization of technologies including connected vehicle, cloud-based services, autonomous driving, and 5G internet over the next nine years.

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The first phase of Connectivity Strategy 2025 occurs later this year with the launch of a new telematics system for SAIC-GM vehicles. This system will enable the storage of vehicle- and user-related data in the cloud and functions related to customer service, navigation, information, and entertainment. By 2018, SAIC-GM will bolster its cloud-based platform with the ability to receive Over the Air updates, and the telematics system will become able to conduct vehicle diagnostics in real time.

Telematics will updated to an even greater degree between 2019 and 2020, beginning first with the rollout of Super Cruise technology. GM’s Super Cruise semi-autonomous driving system will utilize maps and GPS to permit drivers to go hands free, serving as a prelude to the planned introduction of fully-autonomous driving.

In 2020, SAIC-GM will begin implementing connected vehicle (V2X) technology that will connect vehicles to other vehicles and infrastructure to further enhance intelligence. This would include, for example, connecting to traffic lights to learn cycles and connecting with other vehicles to get a sense of road conditions ahead.

Between 2021 and 2025, fully autonomous driving is expected to be made a reality with the establishment of aforementioned intelligent technologies. GM also intends to take advantage of expected new and improved technologies including augmented reality, advanced artificial intelligence, Organic Light-Emitting Diodes, and 5G ultra high speed networks.

Currently, 90% of all Cadillac, Buick, and Chevrolet vehicles available in China are offered with 4G LTE, and all new vehicles purchased from the start of 2017 onward are being offered with five free years of basic OnStar services.

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