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Saudi Arabia Hosts Car Show For Ladies

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We have less than six months to wait for the first women to get their drivers licenses in Saudi Arabia, and the country is scrambling to set up the appropriate facilities for them. You might be thinking that it seems really complicated to give ladies the right to drive there, and you would be right. In Saudi Arabia the genders are pretty much always separated with different facilities, including different restaurant dining areas and shops. That means that for women to be able to see cars, there needs to be a special place for them to go.

Women have been owning cars in Saudi Arabia for a while now, hiring drivers or relying on relatives behind the wheel to take them place to place. However, now that women will be buying cars for themselves, asking questions, and taking test drives, the business world in the country feels it’s a good time for women-only car events. The first car show aimed solely at female drivers opened this month at Le Mall in the capital city of Jeddah.

The event was just as festive as car shows here in the US and featured cars from several brands decorated in colorful balloons. Women took turns looking at each vehicle, with many climbing in the driver’s seat for what possibly could be the first time. Le Mall was the ideal location for the event, as shops at the center are all staffed by ladies so browsers would be more comfortable. There were also female customer service associates milling around the car show ready to answer any questions shoppers might have.

As we approach women driving in Saudi Arabia, it’ll be interesting to see what other gender-divided businesses open up. Either way, the closer we get to June, the more excited we get.

News Source: Reuters