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Saudi Arabian Driving Schools For Women Set Opening Dates

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Saudi Arabian Flag

Saudi Arabian Flag
Image: yasser zareaa

The first Saudi Arabian women who want to drive in their homeland can apply for licenses in June. However, just like in any other country, certain driving standards have to be met before a license can be granted. Women who drove in other countries will need 30 hours with a licensed driver as training, whereas women with no experience will need 90 hours of training before attempting the exams. According to Saudi Arabia, driving classes for women will open up this coming March.

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This means that while women can’t drive alone until June, they will be able to legally get behind the wheel starting in March. This is because the government of Saudi Arabia wants to provide the opportunity for women to be prepared to apply for a license as soon as they are able.

According to Gulf News, it is not yet known if women will be taught at existing driving schools for men or if new ones exclusively for women will open. Considering how separated the genders are in Saudi Arabia, we doubt that men and women will be allowed to learn in the same room. The government has stated that to start off, female driving instructors will teach the female students, and they will be qualified teachers from Egypt and Jordan.

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While all of this sounds pretty straightforward, there was no requirement to show proof of training before taking driving tests in Saudi Arabia before. Hopefully, these classes won’t be a barrier to women wanting to drive, as not all women will be available to afford classes and some might not be able to gain permission from male guardians. We will keep our eye on the situation and see how it develops.

News Source: Gulf News