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Saudi Arabian Women Don’t Want Family Haulers

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Saudi Arabian Women are looking for performance cars like the Audi RS 3In preparation for Saudi Arabian women taking to the roads last month, car dealers across the country equipped their inventory with vehicles they thought would appeal to the new drivers. Predictably, this included a lot of vehicles we in the West already associate with taking families from place to place and tackling large shopping trips. However, it turns out that these ladies seem to have a taste for a different type of vehicle – performance cars.

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When The Wall Street Journal talked to salespeople in the capital of the country, they reported that everyone assumed Saudi Arabian women would be thinking of buying vehicles with smaller, more efficient engines. Instead, more than a few want quite the opposite.

Samia Weheba, a 23-year-old woman who works for Audi, walked into a dealership and asked to see the Audi RS 3. Since it’s a performance-tuned car that’s perfect for drifting, staff didn’t believe her. Instead they tried to get her to drive the Audi Q2, a compact SUV. In the end, Weheba got what she wanted and now proudly drives her Audi RS 3 and trains to become one of the first female drifters in Saudi Arabia.

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While Weheba might seem like an exception thanks to her aspirations on the racing circuit, she’s not alone. Many other dealerships report that women are looking for larger cars, many of them with performance features. Besides the fine-tuned Audi lineup, American muscle cars are also gaining popularity. It seems as if women in Saudi Arabia don’t just want to drive, they want to enjoy the experience. We say more power to them.

News Source: The Wall Street Journal