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Save Money Down the Road By Addressing Small Issues ASAP

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mechanic looking under a lifted vehicle in garage

Spending time and money in the service bay is no driver’s dream. However, maintenance and repairs are part of the joys of car ownership. You can protect your car and your budget better if you address small issues before they become expensive and potentially dangerous issues.

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See clearly

Even if a tiny crack or chip in your windshield is far from your line of sight, it still poses a danger to your driving. Tiny cracks or chips are visible signs your windshield is compromised. Even if the damage doesn’t seem to be getting bigger, it has the potential to do just that. The bigger the crack, the more expensive the repair.

“The small chip can expand into a giant crack that impedes your vision and ultimately leads to the need for a new windshield. Driving with a damaged windshield can also lead to a ticket,” warns MoneyTalksNews writer Donna Freedman.

Address dashboard lights

When the Check Engine light is activated on the dashboard, it can signal a range of problems. It could be a simple fix or a complicated repair. Either way, you must always investigate why the light came on, as soon as you can. Even if it is a small issue, it can quickly escalate into a major problem that will cost you more than you expected. And not knowing why the light is on just puts your safety at risk, not to mention increases your stress level behind the wheel.

Clean up the mess

Fluid leaking from your vehicle is never a good sign. If you notice a puddle has accumulated under your car after it’s been parked, it’s time to head to the service bay. Your vehicle could be leaking water, gas, fluid, or oil.

Stick to the schedule

Regular oil changes and scheduled maintenance outlined in your owner’s manual are vital to your vehicle’s longevity. By sticking to the schedule, you help keep every inch of your vehicle in good condition.