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Schitt’s Creek Fans Are Getting “Ew, David” License Plates

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David Rose Dan Levy Schitt's Creek
In the eloquent words of David Rose, “Oh… my god”

If you haven’t had the pleasure of watching the award-winning comedy Schitt’s Creek, you’re seriously missing out. The Canadian series debuted in 2015 and follows the lives of the fictional Rose family as they rebuild their lives in the small town of Schitt’s Creek. Of the many quotable lines from the show, one that’s taking North America by storm as of late is “Ew, David,” uttered by Alexis Rose to her brother David whenever he does… well, just about anything. The show’s official Twitter account recently revealed that fans are getting “Ew, David” license plates and it’s amazing.

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When one of us shines, all of us shine

Early last month, it was revealed that a ton of people in the U.S. and Canada were so in love with the show that they were getting EW DAVID customized license plates. When the show’s Twitter account first proclaimed this revelation on Feb. 6, it counted a total of 22 plates:

However, as word spread online, the total rose to 34 by Feb. 25 with the show’s cast absolutely flabbergasted by this fact.

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Never let the bastards get you down

The onset of this trend had many scrambling to their local DMV’s website to see if the customization was still available in their area. If you’re upset that someone has already claimed “Ew, David” in your state, there’s no need to be a disgruntled pelican. Get creative! There are plenty of other potential Schitt’s Creek gems to display on your vehicle; here are just a few ideas:


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