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School Bus Safety Tips for Drivers

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school bus safety tips for drivers

Keep students (and everyone else) on the road safe at all times by observing these school bus safety tips

School buses command a presence on the road that few other vehicles can match. But it’s not often clear how we, as regular drivers, should react to the yellow buses other than to obey the big stop sign they can extend from the side.

Because it is Student Safety Month, now is as good a time as ever to review proper safety protocol when interacting with a school bus. Below are a few school bus safety tips for drivers that should make your life a little easier during school hours—and safer, of course!

  1. Stop at least 20 feet away from a school bus whenever it is displaying red flashing lights or an extended stop arm. Keep your distance and drive cautiously to prevent any accidents from happening.
  2. Even if you don’t notice the red flashing lights or extended stop arm, always stop for school buses that are loading and unloading students.
  3. Drive with your headlights on, especially in the morning. Buses are often in circulation when it is still dark, and it makes it easier for children and bus drivers to see you.
  4. Look for clues that children could be around. Crossing guards, bicycles, and playgrounds are all good indicators. Remember that children can be unpredictable; look for them between parked cars and other objects.
  5. Leave a little early so you can either avoid school buses or at least avoid feeling rushed to get to work, which could lead forgetting any of the above or making a mistake!