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Search Engine Crowns Winner in Air vs. Ground Debate

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Determining the most economical way to get from point A to point B can be quite the head-scratcher. Is it cheaper to fly? Is it smarter to drive? What about delays? What about the wear and tear on the car?

Undoubtedly, both options have their pressures, but with the help of a number-genius search engine, at least the stress of deciding which mode of transport can be eliminated or at least lessened.

TravelMath, which defines itself as “an online trip calculator that helps you find answers quickly,” is taking travel calculating to another level. According to Travel+Leisure writer Cailey Rizzo, TravelMath has added a “side-by-side comparison with pros and cons” to their already provided “information about the exact time differences between flying (including check-in and security times) and driving.”

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The “Fly or Drive Calculator” on helps travelers figure out whether paying for fuel in their own cars or for a rental car is cheaper than the cost of traveling to the airport and purchasing a flight, plus it allows travelers to customize their data with details like travel time, hotel stops, number of passengers, and other vital information to generate a more comprehensive picture and comparison of each option as well as a “fly score” and “drive score” for quick and easy reference; the lower score is the more feasible choice.

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Rizzo also points out that the search engine has an environmental conscience and will calculate which is more environmentally-friendly–driving or flying.

“The one thing it won’t calculate is time spent stalled in traffic, which could be a deal breaker for some routes,” reports Rizzo. also offers quick links for calculating distance for both flying and driving, pinpointing cities near a desired destination, as well as calculators for latitude and longitude, travel cost, distance, and travel time.

News Source: Travel+Leisure, TravelMath