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Seat Position Affects the Spine: Tips for Healthy Posture While Driving

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If you add up the amount of time you spend in the car every year — including daily commutes and road trips — you’d realize that more of your life is spent on the road than you thought. Because of that, it’s important that you don’t unnecessarily strain your back or spine when sitting in the car. Here is the proper way to adjust your car seat so you can have good posture.

How to Properly Adjust Your Car Seat So You Have Healthy Posture

Slide the seat forward/backward: Make sure you’re sitting far enough away from the pedals so that your knees aren’t touching the dashboard, your legs are only slightly bent, and you don’t have to stretch to reach. There should be a two-finger-width gap between the seat and the back of your knee.back pain chiropractic driving posture spine seat position

Adjust the steering wheel: Most people neglect to adjust the steering wheel height and angle when positing themselves in the driver’s seat. Adjust the position of the wheel so you can see the data displays without leaning over or adjusting your head.

Set the recline angle: Your shoulders should only be slightly behind your hips when you’re seated, meaning the seat should be reclined 10-20 degrees back from straight upright.

Tune the lumbar support: Set the lumbar beam to a supportive position that rests in the small of your back. If your car seat does not offer adjustable lumbar support, roll up a towel and place it behind your lower back.

Raise the headrest: Ensuring that your head is aligned straight above your neck, raise or lower the headrest so that it touches the back of your head and keeps it in place.

Set your mirrors: Now that you’ve set the position of your seat, set the angle of your rearview and side mirrors so that you remain in that position to see into them when driving.

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