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Second United States Grand Prix Could Come by 2019

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2015 F1 Cars in Melbourne

If you live in the United States and enjoy watching Formula One, you probably know already that you’re somewhat of a rarity. Unfortunately, F1 is one of those extremely popular international sports that, somehow, hasn’t quite picked up in the United States. Instead, Americans watch NASCAR, like they watch American football in lieu of soccer.

Part of that has to do with F1’s admittedly terrible media presence. I’ve long wished for Formula One to properly enter and embrace the digital era and hope to see it happen somewhat soon now that the governing Formula One Group was bought out by Liberty Media for $4.4 billion.

That being said, part of it also has to do with the limited number of North American races. There are dozens of races to attend all over Europe and Asia, but only three in all of North America, only one of which has been around for more than a couple of years.

The Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas, was built only recently, and the Mexican Grand Prix only debuted on the calendar last year. The Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal has been around for a while, and is actually the biggest tourist attraction in the country, but it’s quite a long trip to make for most Americans.

2006 United States Grand Prix

Formula 1 cars at Indianapolis, which held the United States GP until 2007.

Photo: Tinou Bao / Flickr

There has been talk of adding a second United States Grand Prix to the calendar, though. Chase Carey, F1’s new chairman hailing from Liberty Media, has openly admitted that he is interested in pursuing expansion in America. According to Zak Brown, a leading business figure soon likely to take up an F1 commercial role, a second United States GP could be arriving as early as 2019.

He also believes the sport will or should continue to grow in the USA, and not just because Liberty Media is an American company.

“I don’t think it’ll raise F1’s profile because its owners are American, I think F1’s profile will be raised in America because that’ll be a big, geographic focus,” he said. “It’s an obvious territory. It’s the biggest and most mature sports market—therefore it’s got to be on F1’s radar … it’s got to be a priority.”

Where that race would take place is up to speculation. There has been talk of a Las Vegas or New York Grand Prix for some time now, and Bernie Ecclestone has been known to seek impressive backdrops for the venues in the calendar.

Another US Grand Prix would be nice. Let’s hope Liberty Media brings about even more positive changes.

Source: Motorsport