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Secrets of the 2020 Corvette’s V8 Engine Revealed

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2020 Corvette's V8 Engine
It’s been a long wait, but the mid-engine Corvette is finally here
Photo: Chevrolet

The arrival of the new 2020 Chevrolet Corvette is an event 60 years in the making. The newest iteration of Chevy’s classic sports car features a mid-engine build, something that the company has been considering since the late 1950s. Now that it’s finally here, it’s time to take a look under the hood and see why the addition of the 2020 Corvette’s V8 engine is such a big deal.

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The 2020 Corvette’s V8 engine

The addition of this new, high-performing engine to the 2020 Corvette wasn’t as simple as just replacing the old engine with a new model. In order to make the mid-engine Corvette a reality, Chevrolet had to completely change the body of the car. In addition to moving the motor to a special compartment directly behind the driver, space in both the front and rear of the car had to be redesigned into usable space.

The engine’s move from the front to the middle is all about achieving better handling and greater speeds. The new location of the 2020 Corvette’s V8 engine means that cornering and banking are easier when compared to older models. This, in turn, fuels a natural cooling system that lowers the temperature of the car’s midsection, rather than its front.

2020 Corvette's V8 Engine Top
No matter the angle, the mid-engine Corvette is certainly a sight to behold
Photo: Chevrolet

Engineering the engine

Finally, there’s the engine itself. The Corvette’s new LT2 motor is an engineering marvel that builds on the success of the LT1. Among its innovations is a new dry-sump oiling system that not only increases oil cooling by 25 percent, but requires less oil to function. Other performance enhancements include a better-flowing intake manifold and enhanced exhaust systems.

Another major innovation is the accessibility of other components surrounding the engine. Many mid-engine vehicles require the engine to be removed during maintenance of things like spark plugs, belts, and various accessories. The design of the 2020 Corvette’s V8 engine allows for this maintenance to be performed without needing to remove the engine.

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From its performance enhancements and innovations to its aesthetic changes, the 2020 mid-engine Corvette certainly looks to have been worth the 60-year wait.