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Select GM Models Gain Celebrity Voice Talent for Alexa

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Amazon Alexa Echo
Photo: Guillermo Fernandes

In early 2020, select GM vehicles will gain Amazon Alexa compatibility. To get this update, you’ll need to have a 2018 model year or newer Buick, Chevy, GMC, or Cadillac vehicle. On top of that, it will need an active 4G LTE Wi-Fi plan in order to download the update. This version of Alexa will even have special skills tailored to each compatible vehicle’s make and model.

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Put some star power in your car

Tired of Alexa’s calm, neutral tone? If you want your vehicle to speak in the unmistakable voice of Samuel L. Jackson, you’re in luck — Jackson is slated to be the first star to voice Alexa. This feat will be achieved through “neural text-to-speech” technology, which allows Alexa to mimic natural human speech. Better yet, the Jackson-inspired voice pack will only cost 99 cents. It’s set to go on sale in late 2019. Other, currently unnamed, celebrities will also lend their vocal talents to Alexa in the near future.

Alexa’s capabilities

Alexa is a high-tech digital assistant. Using your voice, you have Alexa connect you to a variety of compatible navigation apps, like Waze, Google Maps, and Apple Maps. It will help you find nearby points of interest or helpful destinations, like restaurants, hotels, and gas stations. Other handy features include on-the-go access to weather forecasts, traffic reports, and sports scores.

For fun, you can use Alexa to play games like Jeopardy or 20 Questions, which makes it easy to keep your crew entertained on long road trips. Alexa can even tell jokes, guide relaxation exercises, and offer foreign language lessons.

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