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Self-Driving Cars in GM’s Fast Lane

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2017 Chevrolet Bolt

Autonomous cars are everywhere you look in the news right now. They are testing on America’s streets, and almost every auto show has a special self-driving concept. Even though we can see them for ourselves, having a car that drives itself still seems like one of those science fiction dreams right up there with flying cars. If Mary Barra is correct, we could actually own these smart cars sooner than we could ever think possible.

On Friday, Mary Barra was on a conference call with CNBC, and she stated that these high-tech vehicles are developing at a quick pace, especially those at GM’s own Cruise Automation. While some automakers have set firm deadlines for these vehicles to hit the market, GM prefers to develop the technology at a pace to ensure that it is safe and ready for the real world.

Cruise Automation was acquired by GM last year, and the automaking giant still lets it operate as a startup company. Right now, Chevrolet Bolt EVs equipped with self-driving equipment are taking on streets in Arizona and California. In California, GM and Cruise Automation chose San Francisco because, in Mary Barra’s own words, “Downtown San Francisco is one of the most complex environments.” The companies feel confident that if it can navigate that coastal city, the rest of the US will be much simpler.

Besides autonomous cars, Marry Barra also disclosed that GM is putting a lot of focus on its OnStar services and on building more electric vehicles. We can’t wait to see what comes next from Detroit.

News Source: CNBC