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Oh Crepe: Semi-Truck with 44,000 Pounds of Nutella Overturns in Indiana

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If you’ve been scanning northwest Indiana news headlines lately, you might have noticed some nutty ones — but this one takes the cake (or crepe, rather). A semi-truck carrying 44,000 pounds of Nutella on board was traveling on the westbound lanes of I-94 near the Michigan borderline when it suddenly overturned to avoid an accident with another vehicle. 

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Photo: Pixabay

The loss

Before we get into the details about what caused the accident, let’s just take a moment of silence to mourn the loss of Nutella. Actually, just kidding — it turns out that the truck didn’t lose much of its heavenly hazelnut load.

Though, it did spill about 150 gallons of diesel fuel into the median, as The Drive confirms. And more importantly, the semi’s driver escaped without injuries.  

Photo: Pixabay

More details about the incident

According to The Drive, the truck was traveling from London, Ontario before the unfortunate incident in Indiana occurred. The car in front of the truck suddenly slammed on their brakes, which in turn, caused the semi driver to brake hard and veer left.

He then lost control of the truck, ramming into the concrete median on the highway. Consequentially, the tractor and trailer overturned.

The affair blocked all three westbound lanes of traffic. Crews shut the route down for two-and-a-half hours, to clean up the wreck and move the trailer to the shoulder of the road. 

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News Source: The Drive