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Sending Your Boyfriend’s ’67 Impala to the Junkyard is a Bad Idea

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A maroon 1976 Chevrolet Impala
Significant others of the world, maybe don’t junk these without asking.
Photo: Sicnag via CC

Far be it for me to make assumptions about anybody’s relationship, especially when the involved parties are complete strangers on the internet. Even so, I’d like to think that there are a few universal indicators of an imperfect partnership. One such warning sign is if your significant other goes behind your back to sell your valuable classic car. Such was the case when Reddit user Jimothyisyouruncle’s girlfriend sold his 1967 Chevrolet Impala while he was away on business.

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The inciting incident

The story starts in February 2019, when Jimothyisyouruncle bought a four-door 1967 Chevrolet Impala. Then, when he bought his first house, he transported the vehicle into his new 2.5 car garage and stripped the whole thing apart to fully restore it. A few months later, when his girlfriend moved in, it didn’t take long for her animosity towards his project to manifest.

Things came to a head when, before he left town for work for a few days, she requested that he pack up the car and all of its loose parts so she could park her vehicle in the garage. He said no, instead suggesting that she park in the barn or under one of the many shade-casting trees on the property, and left for work.

The fallout

Upon his return, he learned that she had “hired some people to come over and move everything related to that car, including the drivetrain, body, and chassis and all parts, and take it to the local dump/scrapyard. I was absolutely dumbfounded. I had spent over 11k on that car including new parts, services, and the car itself.”

Incredibly, she did not consider this to be an issue.

For Jimothyisyouruncle, evidently, it was.

He broke up with her on the spot and filed official reports with the local police department for grand larceny and grand theft auto.

The silver lining

Thankfully, this story has a happy ending. When the police arrived at the junkyard to ask questions about the stolen Impala, they found members of the staff in the middle of trying to hide it behind a stack of other cars. They lied and said that it was theirs, and they held the title — a clever ruse that the police saw through when they had no title to offer and discovered that the vehicle’s VIN matched the one on the stolen vehicle report.

As of Jimothyisyouruncle’s third update on his original Reddit post, the police are currently investigating the junkyard for evidence of other stolen vehicles, and are working to find as many of the stripped parts as possible. His Impala should be returned to him once the investigation is complete.

At the end of his post, Jimothyisyouruncle released what must have been a truly gargantuan sigh of relief, and proclaimed, “SHES GONNA BE ALRIGHT.”

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