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Shanghai OnStar Announces New Packages, First B2B Service Platform in China

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Shanghai OnStar

General Motors China has announced the launch of four new Shanghai OnStar packages, which cover mobile apps, security and safety, smart fleet management, and telematics data reports. The company is also introducing China to a first-of-its-kind business-to-business (B2B) service platform that is designed to alleviate some of the difficulties of fleet management.

Most notably, Shanghai OnStar has upgraded its mobile application with advanced features that include electronic fence, dealer scheduling, 4G Wi-Fi management, and charging management. More basic features, such as remote control, real-time car condition information, location feedback, and route information are also part of OnStar Mobile App 7.0.

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Shanghai OnStar has also launched two new service functions: Vehicle Real-Time Inspection Warning and an updated Vehicle Anti-Theft Alarm Function. The former carries out a monthly smart vehicle inspection of eight major systems, while the latter uses sensors to determine if a vehicle has been stolen and immediately notify users.

The company is also launching the first onboard telematics B2B service platform in China, which will allow corporate users to check vehicle information on their smartphone, and also monitor inspection requirements, fuel consumption, accidents and more.

The new OnStar service plans are supported by new telematics data, based on reports on driver habits and vehicle conditions in cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen. The telematics indexes of topics include driver fatigue, car care, vehicle condition, and more.

Shanghai OnStar has over a million users in China, but expects that number to reach 12 million vehicles by year’s end.

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