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Share the Road: Safety Tips for Runners and Pedestrians

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Summer is a great time to start getting in shape for the holidays. Whether you prefer running or walking, here are some key strategies to observe to help you safely share the road with vehicles.

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Be visible

Wear light-colored clothing as well as reflective materials, to increase your visibility. If you’re walking or running at night, you might want to carry a flashlight. You can also wear clip-on LED lights so you’ll be even more easy to spot for passing vehicles.

Face the traffic

If you’re traveling in an area without a sidewalk or bike path, make sure to walk or run towards oncoming traffic (and stay on the very edge of the road). This will further enhance your visibility to others sharing the road.

Look both ways

This might be a no-brainer, but it’s a common safety rule to forget when you’re caught up in the scenery or focusing on the timing of your run. Make sure to look left and right before crossing — then do it again to double-check that there are no approaching vehicles that you missed the first time.


Pedestrian Crossing the Road

Cross streets at a corner

Most pedestrian injuries occur mid-street. So, play it safe and cross streets at the corner, whenever possible. Drivers are more aware of pedestrians at corners and crosswalks than they are of jaywalkers who spontaneously cross in the middle of a road.

Avoid distractions

As tempting as it can be to run or walk with your earbuds or headphones, it’s usually safest to leave those gadgets at home. Listening to music can block out important auditory signals such as the sound of an approaching car.

Beware of parked vehicles

Use caution when passing near or through a parking lot, since these areas have innate blind spots for drivers who are backing out of a parking space. It’s also a good idea to watch out for parked cars when traveling through a neighborhood, whether the vehicles are on the side of the street or in a garage.

For even more safety tips when running or walking, check out this video.


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