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Shell Acquires European Car Charging Station Firm

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Shell acquires NewMotion to help future-proof its investments in light of the spread of EV technology
Photo: Mike Mozart

As more automakers join the electric vehicle (EV) technology movement, oil companies are following suit. Shell is one of the recent converts to shift its marketing strategies to accommodate this emerging trend. It just acquired NewMotion, a Netherlands-based electric car charging station firm that boasts over 30,000 stations across Europe.

The United Kingdom, Netherlands, France, and Norway are just a few of the countries that have begun to unroll bans on fossil-fuel powered vehicles. Contrasted with the U.S. oil companies, Shell and other oil companies in Europe are experiencing increased pressure to focus on electric car charging stations rather than conventional gas stations.

Shell cites Europe’s internal-combustion engine phase-out plans as a key reason for its decision to purchase the firm, as Shell’s vice president of new fuels, Matthew Tipper, articulates: “We feel closer to it. The degree to which electrification is changing mobility is very, very apparent here. It leads to this mindset.”


NewMotion offers an app that shows nearby charging stations and keeps tabs of recharge status
Photo: NewMotion

Shell’s acquisition of NewMotion will supplement rather than replace its own set of charging points in Europe, as Matthew Tipper explains: “They’re complementary offers. One is fast charging on the go on the forecourt and the other is a slightly slower rate of charge at the workplace or at home. At this stage there are no plans to integrate the two.”

Per Morgan Stanley, it’s estimated that Western Europe alone will need 1-3 million public charging stations by 2030. Considering that there are currently only 100,000 of these stations, Shell’s decision to buy NewMotion is a business-savvy move.

It will be interesting to see how soon Shell will start adopting an electric charging station strategy for its American-based operations.

News Source: Green Car Reports, Reuters