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Should You Rent an RV for Your Summer Road Trip?

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If you haven’t crossed off road trip on your summer to-do list, don’t worry. Summer isn’t over…yet! But, summer is definitely on its way out, so if hitting the road with your family in tow is a season’s goal, you need to get cracking, especially if your road trip dream is an RV excursion.

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Before you hit the gas on renting an RV, though, you’ll need to consider if your road trip affinities align with renting an RV.

“Consider what is typical for you while on vacation: do you seek a relaxed experience? Are you content exploring a single destination for longer stretches of time, and do you want the flexibility of making your own meals? Would you rather have your own space (which is mobile!) than nightly hotel rooms that are less flexible? The amount of vacation money you’ll save by renting an RV depends on your road trip style,” explains founder Amy Whitley.

If you’ve answered a passionate yes to the questions above, than renting an RV is probably a go for your summer road trip. According to Whitley, an RV road trip can afford some money-saving benefits if you “stay in one place longer to save on fuel; RV reasonably close to home; skip hotel rooms; and plan to cook in your RV or over a campfire.”

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In addition to gear, snacks, food, and proper attire, a successful RV road trip first requires packing the right mindset.

“Repeat after me: you’re not in a hurry. You’re not in a hurry. You’re not in a hurry…The beauty of RV vacations is the slower pace. Plan a route that takes you along scenic byways and off the interstate,” writes Whitley. “Create an itinerary that ensures less mileage and more pit stops. In most cases, it’s more affordable to rent and return your RV at the same city. In other words, travel in a loop instead of in Point A to Point B style.”

If you have any trepidation about a road trip that is all RV all the time, Whitley suggests driving to your destination first and then renting the RV.

“Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and create the transportation combination that works for your family,” writes Whitley.

With any road trip, whether one that involves an RV, your trusted vehicle, or both, it’s all about the journey and the memories you make along the way.

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