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Signs Your Suspension Springs Are Failing

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Suspension coil springs suspension springs
Suspension coil springs
Photo: Michael Coghlan

You likely don’t think much of the suspension in your vehicle. However, the suspension is important for creating a smooth driving experience and helping you safely maneuver turns. Suspension coil springs comprise the suspension and are positioned between the struts and shocks, as well as the vehicle frame.

When the suspension springs are bad or worn down, you need to get the axles replaced. Pay attention to these warning signs that your suspension springs are failing, so you can have them replaced when needed.

For When the Rain Falls: Driving on slick roads

Your tires are wearing unevenly

When you go to get a tire rotation or oil change at a service department, have the service technician inspect your tires. If the service technician finds that the outside or inside of your tires are wearing more, one of your coil springs could be worn down.

Your vehicle is tilted

Suspension springs work to balance your vehicle. As such, if you notice that your vehicle looks like it’s tilting towards one side, a suspension spring could be worn down or collapsed.

Your vehicle bounces

Suspension springs help you have smooth rides by minimizing bouncing as you drive over road bumps. As a spring starts failing, you may notice that your vehicle is bouncing more than usual as you pull into your driveway, hit speed bumps, or even just drive down a regular road.

Your vehicle bottoms out

If each time you drive over a dip in the road, your vehicle bottoms out, then your springs could be wearing down. Bottoming out can seriously damage your car and potentially affect the drive shift, oil pans, transmission, and undercarriage. Accordingly, you should head to a service department if your vehicle starts bottoming out.

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Keep an eye out for these signs so you can replace your suspension springs when needed and better protect your vehicle.

News Source: YourMechanic