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Signs Your Used Car Needs to Retire from the Road

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You want to get every mile possible out of your car, but there are definite signs your car isn’t going to make it. If your car is acting up in the following ways, its days are numbered.

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If your car’s dashboard’s warning lights are activated, it is having serious trouble handling its one job – running.

“The more lights you have on, the more your car is crying out for help. And if the check engine light or oil pressure light start flashing, turn your car off immediately and have it towed to your mechanic as soon as possible. Because the next step is engine failure,” reports Autos CheatSheet® writer James Derek Sapienza.

Smoke is never a good sign in any car, but if your car is emitting a bluish hue from its tailpipe, you’re in trouble, says Sapienza, as it signals your car is burning oil.

“This could mean your piston rings, valve guides and seals, or pistons themselves could be shot. This could go on to kill your important (and pricey) oxygen sensor and catalytic converter,” he writes.

Your car is burning engine coolant when it puts out heavy white smoke and black smoke is a warning that something’s on fire, according to Sapienza.

“If your car catches on fire every time you drive it, it is both incredibly robust and extremely dangerous, and we’d recommend getting a new ride as soon as possible,” he warns.

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Your car’s engine endures a lot every time you drive, and if it’s running as it should, it shouldn’t draw attention to itself. But, when it starts making noise and starts knocking don’t ignore it; it’s trying to tell you that it’s dangerously broken, according to Sapienza.

News Source: Autos CheatSheet®