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Simple Tweaks to Make Driving More Comfortable

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No matter if your commute is 10 minutes down the road or 60 miles on the highway, you want to be as comfortable as possible when you’re behind the wheel. If your vehicle is lacking in some high-end comfort amenities that more expensive models feature, then consider implementing the following budget-friendly tweaks designed to make every drive easier on the mind, body, and soul.

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A dusty, foul-smelling cabin will quickly derail your driving joy. To make sure your car’s interior air quality is good and free from bad odors, Family Handyman Writer Alexa Erickson suggests cleaning or replacing your air filter.

Your back takes a beating when you drive. Erickson advises easing the pain by adding a lumbar support cushion and a lightweight seat cushion to your driver’s seat. And don’t neglect your hands and arms.

“For an added bonus of comfort, purchase a cushioned steering wheel cover. By promoting a more comfortable grip, you’ll save yourself unwanted pain in your hands and arms,” she writes.

While summer is winding down according to the calendar, there are still plenty of days ahead with scorching temperatures guaranteed to make the interior of your car miserably hot. To combat some of the heat, Erickson recommends using a windshield sun shade when your car’s parked outside.

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You never know when traffic will have you stalled, so Your Mechanic Writer Elan McAfee suggests stocking a non-perishable snack and some water within easy reach (like in your glove box) to stave off hunger pains and grumpy moods.

News Source: Family Handyman, Your Mechanic