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6 Motorcycle Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Ride Running Right

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Motorcycle Maintenance Tips

There’s nothing better than rolling out on the open road on your motorcycle—so why not make sure your motorcycle lasts as long as possible? To ensure your bike is in the best condition possible throughout its life, make sure you follow these six motorcycle maintenance tips!

Keep your tires properly inflated. When you set off on the open road with low tire pressure, you’re taking a big risk. The wrong air pressure in tires can negatively affect everything from handling to fuel mileage. Make sure you frequently check your air pressure in your tires to keep your motorcycle in tip-top condition!

Replace your brake fluid. Brake fluid can become less effective over time because it absorbs moisture as you go. Replace the fluid every one to two years to ensure your breaks are performing the best they can. Also, change out your brake pads if you find that they are thinning.

Check your battery. There are numerous factors that determine how long your motorcycle battery will last. Keeping your battery in good condition will help it last longer, saving you time and money down the road.

Keep it covered. Weather, both good and bad, can affect the way your motorcycle performs. Keep your motorcycle covered whenever you’re not using. Whether you put it under a tarp or keep it in your garage, your motorcycle will work better when it is out of the elements.

Check your oil. If you are about to go out for a ride, check your oil beforehand. If it’s not as high as it should be, make sure you top it off. This will ensure that nothing disastrous will happen while you’re out on the road.

Make sure you grease your bearings. Though the majority of motorcycles have covered bearings nowadays, there are the occasional places on your bike that leave your bearings without protection. If you happen to find these on your motorcycle, make sure you consistently grease them for optimal performance.

Create a pre-ride checklist. Before you set out on the open road, check the level of your motor and transmission oil, your tires’ air pressure, and for any fuel leaks. Also make sure all of your bolts are tight and your electrical switches and controls are in working order. This will guarantee you will find any problem your motorcycle might have before it’s too late.

With these motorcycle maintenance tips, your motorcycle is sure to keep running smoothly. Do you have any tips you would like to share? Tell us about them below!