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Smart Eye and Ambarella Collaborate on AI-Based Driver Monitoring Tech

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Cameras that detect what’s going on outside of the vehicle are becoming increasingly popular. But what about what happens inside of the car? Ambarella and Smart Eye are two companies who are currently interested in solving this dilemma.

Smart Eye is pairing its Driver Monitoring System with one of Ambarella’s new artificial intelligence (AI) chips, to more precisely detect and track the driver’s movements while the car is in motion. The goal is to help curb distracted and drowsy driving, to help keep everyone a bit safer on the road. The system employs in-vehicle cameras to sense head, eye, and mouth position and movements. The technology then analyzes these images to determine whether or not the driver is showing signs of drowsiness.

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Martin Krantz, CEO of Smart Eye, expressed confidence in the collaboration with Ambarella. “With the Ambarella CV22AQ, Smart Eye is able to provide high‐resolution, high‐precision head pose, gaze, eyelid, and mouth tracking in 60Hz, paired with concurrent execution of our growing portfolio of AI‐based interior sensing algorithms.”

Both companies recently debuted the new CV22AQ and CV25 chips at the CES 2019. The publicity should help Ambarella transition beyond the consumer imaging market and venture into the auto industry. Per chief marketing officer Chris Day, the company is currently evaluating a variety of different companies for potential implementation of the new technology.

We anticipate more news in the days ahead as Smart Eye and Ambarella tweak the enhanced driver-monitoring system and partner with automakers to integrate the technology with future vehicle models.

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News Source: VentureBeat