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Smile At the Nice Driver With CarMoji Decals

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road rageRoad rage is a common occurrence these days, so when a faceless driver car is kind enough to let you merge into their lane, you want to thank them. If you’re like us, you’ve waved in thanks to them, but also wonder if that driver saw your show of appreciation, especially at night.

The good news is that someone made a light up car decal to solve that problem. MotorMood’s CarMoji is a series of smiley face and thumbs-up decals that you can stick on the inside of your rear window. They come with a remote control you can attach to a sun visor above your seat so when someone does something nice, you can tap that button and the decal will light up.

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It’s optimized for nighttime and uses AA batteries, so it’s a simple device to let other drivers know your appreciation.

Of course, if these CarMoji catch on and become a regular car accessory, we might see some alternate designs that have the opposite intent: to show what we think of the drivers that cut in front of us without a turn signal.

While vanity plates are supposed to be regulated on a state-by-state basis, bumper stickers are treated much more leniently for better or worse. For someone to get in trouble for a bumper sticker in the U.S., it would have to be pretty vulgar.

Would the convenient press of a button make drivers more likely to show their malcontent more often? We’re not sure, but the future of illuminated road-rage decals might prevent an angry driver from taking their hand off the wheel to throw gestures at other drivers.

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We as a society could learn to be more conscientious of other drivers and their needs on the road, but that might take a while. For now, you can buy one of these well-meaning CarMojis from Amazon.