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Snowkhana Is Back with Star Wars References and Focus RS Madness

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Santa Focus RS

Snowkhana is back once again, and since it’s dropping coincides with the biggest cinematic release of the year, of course there’s a whole bunch of Star Wars references. What’s more, this year’s entry splices a pretty ample amount of live-action hooning with that of the stop-motion variety, which means we get a fair amount of footage of the holy-crap-I-need-this-now 2016 Ford Focus RS drifting and donuting and dashing through the snow.

Watch: Snowkhana 4: Ho Ho Hokhana

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Not only do we get to see the Focus RS ding its thing, but we find out that it’s driven by Jolly Ol’ St. Nick himself. Apparently, when you bring joy to millions of people around the world, you’re able to drive an insane horsepower machine well before most of the general public.

Santa Hoon

There are plenty of callbacks to Snowkhana 3: YuleTube, including the return of Buzz Lightyear doing an epic split. And, because it’s Star Wars season, we get to see both the real-life Focus RS and Mental Block do donuts around Darth Vader, ostensibly turning the Sith Lord into Moon Knight.

Darth Vader Snowkhana

And, to top it all, there’s a police chase that allows Santa to just do some of the most serene and beautiful drifting you will ever see.

Snowkhana 4 drift chase

Seriously, just watch this thing. It’s less than 3 minutes, and it’s absolutely well worth it.

Ford Focus RS donuts

Speaking of the Police: Ford Police Interceptors are tops in terms of acceleration