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Social Media Contest Yields Six Awesome Lego Car Replicas

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Lego Car Replicas

The six winners at a Lego car cruise-in
Photo: Auto Trader Campaigns for UK via YouTube

Lego®s make everything awesome–especially cars. From a T1 Camper Van to an Isetta, any car can be dramatically improved when transformed by the hands of a master builder. Obviously, that’s why there’s even a whole blog dedicated to Lego-ized cars.

The latest building block renditions of classic models are six cars built by Auto Trader UK as part of its week-long #DrivenByMe campaign. Take a look at these awesome (yes, we’ll be using that word a lot) Lego car replicas based on real models.

Lego Car replicas GIF

These Lego Car Replicas Might Be Better Than the Originals

If you have a miniature Lego version of any car, which model would you choose?

That’s what the #DrivenByMe contest launched by the UK Auto Trader group asked to residents of the United Kingdom.

Between December 5th and 11th, participants uploaded pictures of their chosen vehicles to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with a reason why their vehicle should be chosen.

Five winners were originally intended, but six ended up being selected and built as winners: a 967 MK2 Lotus Cortina, VW Golf, Mercedes 280 SL, ’91 TVR S3, Austin Seven Mini, and a yellow Ford Mustang.

Awesome Lego

Each of the models are incredibly detailed, with precise attention given to the vehicle from the inside out. Each one even has movable doors to the interior, a trunk that opens, and a hood revealing a (non-working) engine. You can see the full build footage on the YouTube page.

The winners will be getting the models sent to them as prizes.

If the inner child within you is as excited by the awesome idea of making a Lego model of your car, watch the full contest reveal below and tell us which car you would want to be built.

News Source: Pocket-Lint