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Software Updates: Coming Soon to a Car Near You

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While over-the-air (OTA) updates are common on electronics like smartphone and laptops, it’s not so common on vehicles. Many mainstream automakers are considering implementing OTA updates for their vehicles.

Despite the potential cybersecurity risks, OTA updates could definitely benefit the industry. Automakers could fix recall items, update security systems and fix infotainment system bugs remotely.

The goal is to “make people’s lives easier on the road, adding convenience and more functionality,” said Telenav executive director of strategy Ky Tang. It would save car owners the hassle of bringing in their vehicle for service each time their was a technology bug or recall item.

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These updates would include more than just map and traffic updates. As Tang expressed, vehicles will soon become a type of sensor, transmitting data gleaned through its camera back to the cloud at the automaker. The cloud, in turn, would share this info with other models to keep customers informed.

However, similarly to software updates for other contemporary products, car software updates would involve a thorough testing process. It might take months before the manufacturer could release an update to all vehicles of a certain make.

Per Digital Trends, car software updates might go mainstream soon, as autonomous technology percolates the industry. Since human drivers might soon be a thing of the past, it goes to follow that traditional car updates and maintenance might become outdated, as well.

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News Source: Digital Trends