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Solar Freakin’ Roadways Goal Reached

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Solar Freakin' Roadways

If you guys missed out on my solar freakin’ roadways post last week, be sure to check it out (or just watch the video at the bottom of this post and let your mouths hang open in awe). The solar freakin’ roadways goal was to hit 1 million big ones for the next stage of the project, which, given my cynicism, I personally thought unlikely–or at least unlikely so soon. But over the weekend, I was perusing Facebook mindlessly on the toilet as one does, when I came across George Takei’s latest post about the project. Much to my surprise, the engineers behind the solar roadways project already reached $1 million, thanks to generous donors like yourselves. (If you didn’t donate, please do not accept this written gratitude.)

solar freakin' roadways goal - George Takei post

Of course, if you haven’t yet donated but are very interested in helping to fund this awesome project, you can help the engineers continue to exceed the solar freakin’ roadways goal by donating now. You do get some cool gifts for donating, after all, like this fancy hat.

Hat - Solar Freakin' Roadways goal

As I write this, the engineers have almost raised $1,370,000, but it’ll take a lot more to fund what could be a very bright future for mankind on the road.

Check out the video below: