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Someone Just Drove a Chevy Volt Over 100 Miles in All-Electric Mode

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2016 Chevrolet Volt

Image: © General Motors

Wow, the 2016 Volt just gets more and more impressive! First, it improved drastically on the previous generation (moving to regular fuel was a very good plan), and then snagged a ton of awards, including picking up Green Car of the Year from the LA Auto Show.

And now, it seems that, if done properly, you can more than double the Volt’s EPA-estimated all-electric range of 53 miles.

Wayne Gerdes of CleanMPG recently received a brand new press car 2016 Volt in Premiere trim level (the higher of two available trims) and decided–after running some errands and getting his calibrations thrown off due to some trouble with the system changing modes on him at a rest stop–that he would see just how accurate that whole “53-mile range” thing was.

As it turns out, it wasn’t accurate, but in a really, really good way. At the end of a trip that included many traffic lights; several stops to use the bathroom, get lunch, and take pictures; and, a few miles on the Old Pacific Highway, Gerdes clocked in a grand total of 111.9 miles traveled on electric power alone.

Gerdes, though, thought he could have gotten even further if it weren’t for the elevation changes in the area. In conclusion, he wrote, “Someone on a nice lazy flat stretch of round trip roadway during daylight hours in the summer is probably going to pop the second gen through 125 miles on a single charge pretty easily.”

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