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Soothing Music Makes You a Better Driver

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Soothing Music Makes You a Better Driver

Did you know that soothing music makes you a better driver?

Music and driving go hand-in-hand and everyone loves rolling the windows down and turning up our favorite songs as we speed down the road.  A recent study published in the journal Ergonomics says that if your favorite song is upbeat, you are at a greater risk of getting in an accident.

The study, entitled “Using Music to Change Mood While Driving,” was conducted at Stanford University and employed the assistance of 28 student volunteers (14 male, 14 female.)  The students were placed in driving simulators and subjected to a variety of road conditions while listening to a variety of different music, from hip hop to classical and everything in between.

The study found that soothing music effectively reduced driver’s stress levels, causing them to make fewer mistakes, maintain proper speeds and cause fewer accidents.

Researchers concluded that, “The present study showed that music presentation and music changes while driving can steer drivers’ experienced mood, physiological responses and driving performance.”

This study could open the possibility of developing intelligent music systems that play certain music depending on your stress levels.

How would you like to drive a car equipped with a radio that based what music it played on how best to keep you safe?