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Sound Off on the Worst Drives in America

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Naturally, some parts of the U.S. offer a more visually appealing landscape while others are littered with complicated road signs and even more frustrating paving that make you wonder where the state’s taxes have been spent. Our friends at Aol Autos and Autoblog nominated stretches of highway they considered were the worst drives in America. We decided to add our pick to the list: the Pennsylvania Turnpike, I-76 W and I-70 W.

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Where to begin? For starters, the Turnpike is one long stretch of construction, or reconstruction. Orange cones, signs and trucks litter the shoulder of the highway. As a result, the speeds continually pulse up and down between 45, 55 and 65 miles per hour. You can forget about cruise control and a scenic route.

Adding insult to injury, most of the highway is one lane. If Debby Do-gooder in front of you wants to drive exactly 45 mph instead of taking the normal 5-mph-over liberty we all like to exploit, you’ll probably be sitting behind her at a glacial 40 mph for a while.

After what seems like an eternity comes that obnoxious toll that causes money to fly out of your wallet as if being chased by a leaf blower. Don’t be caught by surprise: if you enter the Turnpike near Philadelphia and exit at the Ohio-Pennsylvania state line, you can expect to lose an entire two for $20 meal at Applebee’s plus the tip.

Okay, we’re done complaining; it’s your turn. What roads qualify on your list of the worst drives in America? If you had to tough it out again, what car would you like to be driving?

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