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Souped-Up GMC Canyon Gets 335 Horsepower with Burger Money

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Whether it was a GMC Canyon that pumps out 335 horsepower or wondering what “burger money” is that caught your interest, you won’t be disappointed when each is explained.

Matt Ochoa is a young guy who makes his money flipping burgers at In-N-Out (burger money), but he put his modest income to work by upgrading a GMC Canyon that his grandmother gave to him following the passing of his grandfather.

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“I’ve chosen to modify this truck, because I kind of fell into it and I don’t know any better,” admits Ochoa. “I blew up the original motor and it just got way out of hand after that, and here we are.”

So just how “out of hand” has Ochoa’s GMC Canyon gotten? Try 335 horsepower and 340 lb-ft of torque “out of hand.”  The majority of the sizable power boost can be attributed to a rear-mounted turbocharger, which allows the souped-up GMC Canyon to run a 12.6-second quarter mile on a poorly-prepped surface and with street tires.

What do you think of Ochoa’s 335 horsepower GMC Canyon?  Let us know in the comments below, and share your favorite upgraded vehicle!