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Still No Leads In Vauxhall Stolen Parts Crime Mystery Happening In England

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The thieves are targeting these vehicles in residential areas between 2 and 4 am..

These odd thefts are causing victims money and distress
Photo: Sophia Brown via Twitter

Across the pond in Bedfordshire, England, there is a bizarre automotive crime being repeated at a rather alarming rate.

Police is Bedforshire have said there have been at least 500 occurrences of thieves targeting, then stealing parts from the front end’s of Vauxhall Astras and Corsas over the last two years. Law enforcement believes these crimes are tied to the body repair black market because most of the parts being taken are the ones most commonly needed to repair Vauxhalls in the event of an auto-accident.

The thieves are targeting these vehicles in residential areas between 2 and 4 am. The perpetrators are generally limited to stealing what they can physically carry away like bumpers and hoods, but sometimes these vehicles are stripped all the way down to their chassis’.

Photo: Alan Gore

Photo: Alan Gore

Police have estimated the monetary amount of parts stolen is in the tens of thousands of pounds. One pound is equal to about $1.60 in US currency.

Law enforcement is warning people not to do business with the organized criminal network they suspect are behind these illegal acts.

“You might think you’re getting a good deal and a cheap offer but bear in mind these people are unscrupulous,” said Chief Inspector Ian Middleton, the man is charge of the investigation. “They won’t hesitate to come back and revisit the places they’ve been sold to and you may well find yourself the next victim.”

Here is surveillance footage from one of these bizarre automotive crimes:

Via: BBC News