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Study: Millennials Fear Bad Drivers More than Death

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Ford Now Fear This Fact Sheet

Ford really loves conducting studies to that aim to learn more about young buyers, a trend continued by a recent Penn Schoen Berland poll. According to the results of the study, Millennials and Generation Z drivers fear nothing more than sharing the road with dangerous drivers—not even snakes, spiders, death, or—worst of all—public speaking.

“Younger generations are growing up with different fears than their parents or grandparents,” said Kevin Shkolnik, vice president, Penn Schoen Berland. “Younger drivers are worried about distracted drivers, but they think technology isn’t just the problem, it’s also the solution, as we are seeing growing demand for driver-assistance technologies.”

The study goes further, saying that the most worrisome of all driving situations is—surprise—dealing with icy or snowy roads in the winter. Maneuvering into a tight parking spot was a surprisingly close second, followed by backing out onto a busy street, checking blind spots, and driving without a sense of familiarity as to where you are going.

“Research like this is important to Ford and other automotive brands because it informs us about the situations that cause consumers the most stress,” said Crystal Worthem, Ford brand marketing manager. “As driver distraction and safety conversations have broadened, we are seeing what technology will help customers tackle their greatest fears.”

Moreover, Ford uses these results to validate its continued investment in driver-assistance technologies such as BLIS®, rearview camera, lane-keeping systems, and semi-automatic parallel parking.