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Study Shows Eating While Driving is Incredibly Unsafe (and Really Gross)

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juicy hamburger and fries
Are you really going to try and eat this while going 70 mph on the highway? Really?!
Photo: Michael Stern

You’re driving cross-country and you’re making good time, when all of a sudden your stomach makes this god-awful noise that tells you it’s time to eat. You don’t want to lose your momentum (or waste time at a sit-down restaurant), so you go to a drive-thru and get some fries. But when you eat while driving, you’re not doing much for yourself in the way of safety. According to a survey done by The Zebra, eating while driving can cost you a lot more than that $1 hamburger.

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We recently discussed the most ridiculous foods to eat while driving, and it should come as no surprise that things like sushi or spaghetti should be avoided. But even those smaller, handheld food items can cause major damage to you and your car. Distracted driving comes in many forms outside of looking at your smartphone. When you look down to see how much of your delicious jelly doughnut is left or when you try to catch a fry from falling into the dreaded “Carmuda Triangle,” you’re putting yourself in harm’s way.

The Zebra Dangerous Foods to Eat While Driving
Don’t let the fries betray you…
Photo: The Zebra

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, some of the most dangerous foods and drinks to consume while behind the wheel include hamburgers, doughnuts, hot coffee, and chocolate. The Zebra noted that an average fender bender costs $8,900 — or 2,966 Starbucks drinks, for those like me who are addicted to caffeine. Are your fries worth that much, Karen?! Speaking of Karen, women are more likely than men to eat while behind the wheel, but the age of the worst offenders might surprise you. No, it’s not those darn Millennials. It’s actually the Baby Boomers who are most likely to eat while driving every day. (Take that, Gerald.)

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Alright. Now that you’ve got the facts… sort of… think about whether stopping your vehicle to eat is actually that much of a hassle. Will it really make a difference if you go through the drive-thru and take those extra five minutes to snarf down that spicy chicken sandwich? Nah, we didn’t think so.

Source: The Zebra