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Study: Truck Drivers in Short Supply as Demand Keeps Increasing

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Study Semi Truck Drivers in Short Supply as Demand Keeps Increasing

Semi truck driving is a sadly unappreciated job.

While it may not have the glamorous reputation as other professions and keeps its employees on the road for days and weeks at a time, many of the goods we enjoy every day are only here because truck drivers delivered them. Households goods, clothing, packaged foods, and many more everyday items only arrive on store shelves because they’ve been driven to your town. Even your local grocery stores are supplied by truck deliveries.

Unfortunately, as the demand for these goods continue to rise across the nation, a recent American Trucking Association report announced a shortage of almost 48,000 truck drivers in the US.

A shortage of truck drivers means that existing workers are required to work more, driving more trips for longer hours to meet demand. That means their safety–and others’ on the roads–are being put at risk. But if the current rate continues, the shortage could exceed 175,000 by 2024.

How is the industry trying to fix this dilemma? Truck drivers’ salaries have risen sharply last year, up to 12% increases, and average pay for long hauls jumping 17% since 2013, according to the National Transportation Institute.

Unfortunately, with the rising median age of workers in the trucking industry and the unconventional work schedule, American Trucking Associations will continue struggling in the coming years–and thus, so will consumers.

News Source: Treeangle