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Subaru Reveals December and 2020 Sales Figures

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The Subaru logo on a green vehicle covered in a fresh coat of December snow.
Photo: Subaru

Subaru recently published its sales figures for December. In the same report, the automaker also revealed its 2020 year-end sales. The verdict? Despite unprecedented challenges, Subaru managed to sell 63,558 vehicles in December and 611,942 over the course of a year like no other in recent memory.

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Why these figures are significant

The difference between this report and those of years past should be obvious — 2020 was the calendar equivalent of a raging dumpster fire. The world was hit by a pandemic that forced most of the auto industry to a screeching halt, America’s economy found itself circling the drain, and for many, living a “normal life” seemed more like a distant memory than a feasible reality.

For Subaru, the impact of 2020’s unique challenges manifested in the unfortunate end of its 72-month streak of selling more than 40,000 vehicles, and it’s 11-year track record of year-over-year growth. While sales in 2020 were down 12.6 percent compared to 2019, the carmaker’s figures show that — even during a once-in-a-lifetime crisis — organizations with a commitment to quality and community can’t be kept down.

Success in the face of adversity

Moving beyond the adverse effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, Subaru’s December sales should be a cause for celebration among enthusiasts. It marked the eighth straight month of more than 55,000 vehicles sold, a 2-percent increase over the same time last year, and was the best December ever for the Crosstrek, which shipped just shy of 15,000 units.

In a statement about the company’s achievement, Subaru President and CEO — and frequent News Wheel quotee — Thomas J. Doll, said, “In a year that included the COVID-19 pandemic and a global economic crisis, we are proud of our CY 2020 retail sales results of 611,942 vehicles. In particular, we need to recognize the commitment of our dedicated retailers, distributors, our colleagues, and of course Subaru Corporation, for their steadfast perseverance in a year that we will all remember.”

A focus on what really matters

While Subaru’s sales improvements and financial success are both impressive and important, I think the automaker deserves particular praise for never wavering in its philanthropic efforts.

Just since April, Subaru has donated 50 million meals to Feeding America, sponsored a “Parks and Recreation” reunion special where it matched $150,000 in donations for Feeding America, took part in a six-day event encouraging people to help clean up their communities, and launched a scholarship program for college students interested in automotive technology.

That’s not even counting its partnership with the Make-a-Wish Foundation, the Subaru Share the Love Event — a period in which the company donated $250 for the purchase or lease of any new Subaru to a charity of the customer’s choosing — and numerous pet adoption drives.

The point being, it’s not often that a company staring down the barrel of a tumultuous economy and a global health crisis gladly chooses to divert its resources towards others as if nothing had changed. And yet, here we are.

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