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Sumo Wrestler Battles GMC Truck in New Commercial for the Sierra 1500 Denali

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GMC enlisted sumo wrestler Byamba to talk about the powerful new Sierra 1500 truck in its new commercial

Sumo champion Byamba spoke glowingly about the new Sierra 1500 Denali in this GMC commercial
Photo: © General Motors

Just as the Buick brand has adjusted its marketing strategy to appeal to a younger audience, so too has GMC with its new “Precision Experts” series of commercials.

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In one of these new commercials, sumo wrestler Ulambayar “Byamba” Byambajav explains that precision is the result of form and function coming together in one astonishing package. Byamba goes on to give two examples of this type of precision, with one being himself and the other being the new 2016 Sierra 1500 Denali.

So what could a GMC pickup truck and a sumo wrestler possibly have in common?

For starters, they both offer an aggressive game face. Byamba uses his intense game face to intimidate opponents, while the Sierra 1500 Denali’s chrome grille exudes style and also hints at the power which lies underneath the hood.

Byamba also states that precision “is an inside job with plenty of space to meditate.” With a spacious cabin that includes heated and vented seats, the new Sierra 1500 Denali offers space to relax and its triple door seals block outside noise to provide a quiet interior. This Denali truck is also available with an 8-inch diagonal Color Touch Radio with IntelliLink, which Byamba uses in the new commercial to stream Pandora Internet Radio.

In case you were wondering his preferred music? Byamba seems to be a fan of hard rock.

This new GMC ad might not feature the same type of star power that Lincoln provides with its Matthew McConaughey commercials, or provide the same comedic effect as the outrageous new Toyota RAV4 spots, but it does show that GMC is making an effort to connect with younger car buyers.

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