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Are Super Bowl Fans Ready for Hyundai’s Odd “Better” Ad (and Its Chest Engines)?

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Hyundai Super Bowl Commercial chest motor on baby

As the official automotive sponsor of the NFL, Hyundai Motors has not one, not two, but four commercials it’s premiering during this Sunday’s Super Bowl 50. The automaker has already revealed three of those TV spots, which include “Ryanville” (starring Ryan Reynolds) and “First Date” (starring Kevin Hart).

Hyundai has now released its fourth TV ad, one that will run during the pre-game show before the Panthers and Broncos face off. However, instead of taking a comedic approach like all three other Hyundai commercials do, the Hyundai “Better” ad is unexpectedly thoughtful.

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Watch the Hyundai Super Bowl Commercial Involving Chest Engines

The 60-second spot begins in the newborn nursery of a hospital, where one child has a tiny blue-and-silver motor poking out of his chest. Throughout the commercial, the boy slowly grows older, retaining that glowing blue mechanism through toddler, elementary, teenage, and college years. Eventually, he winds up as a designer for Hyundai vehicles–in an office surrounded by other young innovators who also have the same blue engine on their chest.

“‘Better’ is the engine that drives us to do what we do, to make the cars we make,” states the narrator, Paul Rudd. Throughout the video, the song “When I Was a Boy” by Jeff Lynne’s ELO plays.

Not advertising a specific car, but rather the company’s ideology and passion for innovation as a whole, “Better” is a divisive commercial that probably won’t appeal to everyone–especially those looking for a laugh this Sunday. But, video’s unique premise that has people guessing its meaning until the last second (Is it a life-support device? Does the child have a heart problem?) definitely makes a statement about the brand.

You just have to get over any mental connection between this and Iron Man’s Arc Reactor.

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Hyundai Super Bowl Commercial chest engine brand innovation